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About Me

My name is Jameson Grubb. I was the sole employee for a small business owner within both fields, (carpentry and flooring), for 13 years combined. My ambition for many years was to set out on my own. In 2010, I started J.GrubbTaxidermy as a means to make extra money part-time and pursue another passion of mine. It continues to grow every year and is very gratifying as a business owner. As an avid outdoorsman, and having a growing clientele within the Taxidermy business, I felt confident branching out on my own to do the same for a continued full-time flooring/carpentry career.

With a genuine love for woodworking, there is always full attention to detail behind everything I do or create. Whether the job is small and simple, large and fully involved, or unique to your dream, Tomahawk Carpentry and Flooring will get it done with the utmost respect for you, the client, and also your home. Our main goal at TCF is to take your houseĀ and transform it into the home of your dreams.